The revolver in the assistant principal’s crotch

The plan for the six bursts failed and the teachers were amused

Everyone laughed knowingly. Suddenly, Tracy turned to Kelly and said, “Kelly, you seem quieter than usual and you look a little sad. How have you been? Please tell us!” Tracy had always been sensitive.

“Me?” Kelly hesitated. “Well, there’s really not much to say. If you really want me to talk, I’ll share something funny in my school.” Avoiding talking about herself, Kelly started sharing the anecdote.

“A colleague of mine, Ava, who was also a teacher, planned a surprise birthday party for our assistant principal. It was held in her apartment. On his birthday, there were ten or so teachers including myself hiding in the room, waiting to give him a surprise. When the assistant principal arrived, Ava told him to wait in the living room while she went to the room to open the door to let us in. when we set up the cake and candles, she called the assistant principal. The moment he walked in, everyone screamed, including the assistant principal. Do you know what happened?” Kelly asked while everyone was kept in suspense and shook their heads.

“The assistant principal was stark naked, his revolver in his crotch was loaded and ready for the six bursts!”

Everyone laughed and clapped. Kelly continued. “The assistant principal was so embarrassed. Covering his revolver, he said, ‘This is my birthday today. I’m showing you guys what I looked like when I was born!’ We later found out that Ava was his secret lover.”

“Oh my God!” Hiram said. “I’m reminded of a funny story!”

“Tell us!” Jason said. He finally felt relaxed and smiled.

“I was in a store in South L.A. I saw two Chinese guys from a Chinese tour walking in, asking in Chinese for condoms. The American cashier didn’t understand them, so one Chinese took out some money and pointed to his penis. The cashier still didn’t understand him, so the other Chinese took out his money, and pointed to his penis, too. The cashier still didn’t understand them. They then took out their penises and placed them on the counter with the money. Finally, the cashier nodded, unzipped his fly, took out his penis, and placed it on the counter. He said in English, ‘Mine is the biggest! The money’s mine!’ He then pocketed the money.” Everyone laughed. Hiram continued, “Fortunately I was there to translate for them. The cashier finally knew what they were looking for and sold them the condoms.”

That night ended in casual talks and anecdotes.

The men were too tired from the morning river walk to attempt having sex with the women. However, the cave they found in the deep valley and the two mysterious women were deeply imprinted in their mind. (To be continued)

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